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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kudal Pincode / Post Office Search (SINDHUDURG, Maharashtra)

Ambrad S.O 416628KudalMaharashtra
Anav B.O 416812KudalMaharashtra
Andurla B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Avalegaon B.O 416521KudalMaharashtra
Bambuli B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Bav B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Bharni B.O 416632KudalMaharashtra
Bibavane B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Bordave B.O 416603KudalMaharashtra
Chendavan B.O 416524KudalMaharashtra
Dabhachiwadi B.O 416812KudalMaharashtra
Digas B.O 416521KudalMaharashtra
Dukanwad B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Ghavanale B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Ghotage B.O 416632KudalMaharashtra
Gothos B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Goveri B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Hedul B.O 416603KudalMaharashtra
Hirlok B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Hiwale B.O 416603KudalMaharashtra
Humarmala B.O 416812KudalMaharashtra
Jambhavade S.O 416632KudalMaharashtra
Kaleli B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Kasal S.O 416603KudalMaharashtra
Kavathi B.O 416524KudalMaharashtra
Kelus B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Keravade B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Khavane B.O 416522KudalMaharashtra
Khotale B.O 416603KudalMaharashtra
Khutvalwadi B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Kochara B.O 416522KudalMaharashtra
Kunde B.O 416628KudalMaharashtra
Kupavade B.O 416632KudalMaharashtra
Madyachiwadi B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Mandkuli B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Mhapan B.O 416522KudalMaharashtra
Mulde B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Naneli B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Narur B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Nerur B.O 416525KudalMaharashtra
Nileli B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Nirukhe B.O 416521KudalMaharashtra
Nivaje B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Niwatiwadi B.O 416522KudalMaharashtra
Oros B.O 416812KudalMaharashtra
Osargaon B.O 416603KudalMaharashtra
Ovaliye B.O 416603KudalMaharashtra
Pandur B.O 416812KudalMaharashtra
Pangrad B.O 416521KudalMaharashtra
Pat S.O 416522KudalMaharashtra
Pawashi B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Pinguli B.O 416528KudalMaharashtra
Pokharan B.O 416628KudalMaharashtra
Ran Bambuli B.O 416812KudalMaharashtra
Sarambal B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Shivapur B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Sonavade B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Sonavade B.O 416632KudalMaharashtra
Tendoli B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Tulsuli B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Vadivaravde B.O 416520KudalMaharashtra
Vados B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Varde B.O 416521KudalMaharashtra
Vasoli B.O 416519KudalMaharashtra
Waingavde B.O 416603KudalMaharashtra
Walaval S.O 416524KudalMaharashtra